Slumbersphere Smart Pillows, Royalty (rolled) Royalty Blue Bag, Each

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Slumbersphere Smart Pillows, Royalty (rolled) Royalty Blue Bag, Each
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Our ROYALTY Pillow features shredded foam that provides a down-alternative soft “feather” pillow feel, contours to your head, neck & spine more efficiently than a down pillow, down Alternative with the durability/longevity of a memory foam, air-Permeable jacquard fabric for continuous breathability, improves overall sleep quality by reducing snoring & stress, and Hypoallergenic + Antimicrobial Protection.

Conveniently packaged in a rolled-up carrying case, the Royalty Rolled Pillow to be easy for customers to carry home from the store. Retailers can also drop-ship the product directly to consumers.

Made of an air-permeable jacquard fabric that provides continuous breathability, the Royalty Pillow cover is filled with shredded foam, which provides a down-alternative, soft feather feel. This enables the pillow to conform to the sleeper’s head, neck and spine more efficiently than a down-filled pillow, and while also providing the durability of memory foam.

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