Hotel Supplies Depot OpportunityWant to sell on Ebay & Amazon for huge profit margins and little competition. Many of our product lines can be purchased in bulk and case packs in quantities of 12. Coming straight from the manufacturer you can be assured of little competition when selling. We require no membership fees no hidden fees. Just create an account and purchase. No gimmicks! No hidden prices!Do your research and pick products that will give you the highest profit margins and sell directly. Buy a few products and test the waters once you realize your profits we know you will be back. We purchase direct from the manufacturer and able to create customized products not just products listed on the website.

Drop shippers charge exorbitant fees for shipping handling or just charge flat out high prices and your competing with hundreds of sellers. Our product lines eliminate the multiple middle men to ensure you receive the lowest prices. Do the math and figure your own profit margins. With our exclusive lines the more you purchase the lower the cost. So you can sell less for higher profits. With our exclusive rewards program you will also receive points on every purchase redeemable for Discounts on future buys and free merchandise.

We have 5/10 remaining business opportunity positions available.

Program 1: Experienced sellers purchase $2,500 in gross products weekly
The only requirements for the Business Opportunity Program is to maintain $2,500 in wholesale purchases weekly.  Increasing to $5,000 in wholesale purchases by the end of 12 months. We provide a 3 month ramp up period to allow for progression of your purchases. (3 slots available)

Program 2: Cost $2,500.00. We provide a fully stocked customized website and dedicated training in maintaining your business and selling on ebay.  A 6 month program that starts you off small and progresses to a full time income selling on ebay. Our target goal for you is $5,000+ per month. (2 slots available). Due to the dedicated nature of the program the next opening is May 1st, 2015.

Act Now as this is a limited time offer once our Business opportunity goal is reached the program will be shut down to ensure limited competition for YOUR business but you will be locked in for life. You will never worry about saturation and excessive competition for your business to create a lifetime of income. Contact us now for more details Contact Us

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