Heavy-Weight Restaurant Bar-Mop, 16x19"- 32 oz, Gold Center

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Heavy-Weight Restaurant Bar-Mop, 16x19"- 32 oz, Gold Center
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100% Cotton Center Stripe bar towels are made to stand commercial and institutional use. The center stripe is bleach proof and helps to separate when mixed with other towels. Soft and absorbent terry or ribbed construction will do all the cleaning and wiping jobs in restaurants, hotels, resorts, bar and schools.

  • They are soft, made of 100% heavy-weight cotton (32oz per dozen)
  • 100% cotton ribbed terry towels
  • 16 inches by 19 inches. (16x19")
  • Also known to chefs as a ribbed terry cloth bar towel
  • Greater strength, durability and longevity
  • High grade absorbent cotton and all purpose - great for both cleaning and drying

Sold only in dozens, Minimum is 5 dozen or 60 pieces. Case of 100 dozen per Bale compressed pack. Please note: towels are shipped in compressed bales and must wash towel to fluff. Picture shown after washing considerably after washing of these towels.

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