B-GRADE-SLIGHT IRREGULAR Hotel / Motel, Hand Towel-100% Cotton 16"x 27"-2.75lb, White, Case of 600. Price per Dozen

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Towels may have a slight manufacturing flaw!
Towels may have a slight manufacturing flaw!
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B-GRADE-SLIGHT IRREGULAR Hotel / Motel, Hand Towel-100% Cotton 16"x 27"-2.75lb, White, Case of 600. Price per Dozen
Availability: *** Please allow 3-5 days for delivery. CAN BE SOONER!
Lead Time: Usually Shipped in 5-14 days
2.75 LBS/DZ WEIGHT- 16's singles ****Price per Dozen. Case of 50 dozen or 600 pieces., Price per Dozen

These are really nice towels that are considered B-grade or Slight Irregular due to light dust or machine flaw (due to our rigorous standards and quality, these towels have not did not make the 1st quality requirements. Yet are sought after by many motel and resorts, hospitals and gyms that have a high volume requirement and looking to reduce cost. these towels will fit your budget. Very economical and highly absorbent white 100% Virgin 16'Single cotton terry towels and are offered at a significantly reduced price. When you are in case packs of 50dz towels, please see our special price. This line of economy towels are very popular in motels perfect for camps, health care facilities, gyms and other properties that experience high volume linen turnover or loss...Please wash to fluff. Shipped in compressed bale packs. Sorry, B-grade or slight irregular towels or clearance items are Non-Returnable.
  • White terry towels
  • Easy care machine wash and dry
  • Perfect for health care facilities and gyms
  • Shipped compressed, just wash to fluff
  • Case pack: 50 dozen
  • Please call for shipping rates for large volume orders

*** Please order in cases packs of 50dz/bale packs. Price per Dozen.

*** We will not ship orders less than case packs in B-Grade or slight irregular towels.

Please note: Things you need to know! These Popular Towels have some flaws but overall towels are in surprisingly good shape for irregular 100% cotton hemmed terry towels. Irregular towels will vary in features.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ! Irregular means from order to order this product may vary in size, weight and quality. THESE ARE NOT a perfect towel. Flaws such as strings, marks, holes, etc. Some towels may have some dirt spots on them and may have an odor. Towel color maybe be all white or white with some stripes. IF you are IF YIU ARE NOT the picky type...this is a fantastic bargain that are very popular amongst our clients! These are a great seller for good this reason. You can not beat the product for the price!!!

If you want consistency with each order PLEASE order 1st quality towels. 1st quality towels are much more money. You are paying for consistent quality.

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