55/45 BLEND-180 Tc, 66x115" TWIN XL FLAT SHEETS, No-iron Type, White, Starting at $77.99 dz

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55/45 BLEND-AMERICLASSIC -180 Tc, 66x115" TWIN XL FLAT SHEETS, No-iron Type, White, Starting at $64.28 dz
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 A PREMIUM  (Compared to US Made Sheets) - TWIN XL FLAT SHEETS,  T-180 (55/45) White, Size 66 x 115"  
(Unit = 1 case = 5 Dozen. Sold by the case only)

Manufactured to the highest hospitality standards . Our 180 thread count Percale Weave  No-Iron Pillow cases are made of 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester, blend,  Price per dozen.

Over the past decade tests have proven that blended sheets are stronger than all cotton and are softer/smoother than muslin sheets. Our fitted bottom sheets are available with deep 12 pockets and feature a 3" under tuck and elastic on all four corners for quick and neat bed making. Flat sheets have 2" hems top and bottom. Chlorine wash ability fastness tested and special treatment of the fabric allows it to remain crease resistant for up to 40-50 washes. Truly a superior product. Very popular in Motel, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Times Share, Apartment and Healthcare facilities 

  • 55/44 Cotton/Polyester blend
  • No-iron material, percale
  • Soft and Crisp
  • Crease Resistant
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Product cut size: 66" x 115" 
  • Case Pack: 5 dozen
  • Please order in case packs of 5 dozen

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