30% saving Drying times-FAST DRY AIR TOUCH TECHNOLOGY "Oxford PRINCESSA-Fluffy White-Wash Cloth Size; 13x13" (Starting at $5.50 dz)

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30% saving Drying times-FAST DRY AIR TOUCH TECHNOLOGY "Oxford PRINCESSA-Fluffy White-Wash Cloth Size; 13x13" (Starting at $5.50 dz)
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 Introducing the these Specially manufactured Hotel Towels that were made using a NEW AIR TOUCH TECHNOLOGY.  This Special process makes this towel feels light yet fluffier and will dry faster up to 30% Quicker than normal drying times. These towels are made with a 100% Combed Cotton Fiber.  Brought to you by popular demand, many hotel owners today have demanded a faster drying fluffier product in this class of 4-5 stars towels.... its finally here. These White Combed Cotton towels are amazing, machine washable and dry quicker than any other towel in its class. 

The main Features of the Air Touch "Princessa" Towel Collection.
  • LUXURIOUSLY SOFT  to the Skin. This towel has a super soft feel that you simply you or your guest will love to use time and time again.
  • NO MORE WET TOWEL SMELL. These towels dry 30% faster than other cotton towels on the market, so rest assured the will come out of the dryer completely dry.
  • SAVE YOUR HOTEL / YOUR SELF MONEY WITH THIS AMAZING "AIR TOUCH TECHNOLOGY". Requires 30% Less Drying Time and Uses 30% Less Space in Washer and Dryer. The towels dries 30% Faster than an other cotton towel on the market. Hotel owners love this towel as they can see the cost savings in the first month of using these towels. The fastest and most talked about towel in the hospitality industry.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT AND QUICK DRYING. These towels dries in no time at all and your guest will love the soft fluffy feel against their skin.
Other available in other sizes:

  • Wash Cloths 13x13" ,hemmed edge 
  • Hand Towels, 16x30"
  • Bath Towel, 27x54"
  • Pool Towel, 30x60" 
  • Bath Mat, 22x34

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