55" LG Pro:Centric® Enhanced Hospitality UHD TV with Pro:Idiom® and Embedded b-LAN™ 55UT570HOUA.

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55" LG Pro:Centric® Enhanced Hospitality UHD TV with Pro:Idiom® and Embedded b-LAN™ 55UT570HOUA.
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 UT570H SERIES  LG Pro:Centric® Enhanced Hospitality UHD TV with Pro:Idiom® and Embedded b-LAN™

The UT570H Series features UHD resolution that creates vivid details and a flawless picture. It has LG Pro:Centric technology, which offers extended customizable tools (HTML5 and Java) for partners to create interactive applications with increased visual appeal. These enhanced features enable delivery of a wide range of unique applications tailored to both hotel management and guests’ needs.


  •      Dozens of Languages:-   This series supports 39 languages (including Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi) and language alignment, making guests from around the world feel more at home and comfortable.
  •    Basic & Easy-to-Use Templates:-   Pro:Centric Application (PCA) provides basic, easy-to-use templates that can be selected based on customer preference.
  •  Customizable Template & Page:- Choose alternative looks for billboards based on your preferences, and edit multiple sections with up to 40 pages of billboards by yourself with this web-based tool
  • Multi-Channel Spooling:-  Operation of up to eight hotel channels (22 sub-channels) offers programming flexibility, customized content and additional services
  • Pro:Idiom:-  DRM (digital rights management) technology unlocks access to premium content to help assure rapid and broad deployment of HDTV and other high-value digital content
  •  ProCentric Direct:- Pro:Centric Direct is a hotel content management system that provides simple editing tools and various solutions such as one-click service and IP network–based remote management. Hoteliers can easily edit the user interface, provide customized service and manage all the property’s TVs efficiently.
  • 4K Upscaler:-  Enjoy Full HD content with 4K UHD quality. The 4K upscaler automatically upgrades Full HD content to UHD through a simple six-step process.
  • 4K Resolution:- UHD delivers a resolution four times higher than that of Full HD, which creates a more realistic and immersive television viewing experience. The stunning 8.3 million pixels create flawless images with incredibly vivid detail.
  • EZ-Manager:- EZ-Manager provides a convenient installation function to automatically choose settings for the Pro:Centric TV without any extra configuration.
  • Instant On:- The Instant On feature allows the Pro:Centric app to remain loaded giving guests quick access to content when they turn on the TV.
  • Commercial Swivel Stand:- The UT570H Series* commercial grade stand swivels to allow guests to view the TV from virtually any angle and can easily be fastened to a tabletop for security purposes.
  • USB Data Cloning:- Create a media playlist of your choosing (video, music, and/ or images), save it to a USB memory device, and then simply connect the USB memory device to the TV to stream your playlist sequentially.

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