As the hospitality industry recovers from the effects of COVID-19, hotels across the nation are planning to go back to business. 

But the question is how to reopen your hotel in a way that is safer and helps you recover. The answer to this question may be more like a rollercoaster right now, since the pandemic is still in the picture, and no one is quite sure when it will be completely over and whether it's going to hit travel and hospitality again or not. 

But since every question has an answer, we think we have got this for you. Here are a few tips to follow for a safe reopening of your hotel post-COVID-19:

Here are a few tips to follow for a safe reopening of your hotel post-COVID-19:

Have COVID-19 protocols in place

Even though the nation is slowly becoming mask-free through the nationwide vaccination drive, the virus is still spreading and may impact people’s health. This makes following COVID-19 measures crucial for everyone, especially for businesses — especially for hotels and hostels as they welcome guests from all over the world.

Social distancing and wearing a mark are still the two most important measures you need to take when reopening your hotel. Ask your staff to follow social distancing and wear a mask while ensuring that every guest at the property does the same.

Disinfecting rooms and bathrooms once a guest has checked out is another important step you need to take. Have your staff clean and disinfect every room thoroughly, from telephones to door handles and other frequently touched surfaces.

Replace bath towels, bedsheets, and other personal items after every checkout, if possible. You can get them from any wholesale hotel supplies store at affordable prices.

As someone reopening a hotel, you also need to ensure your HVAC systems and air conditioning systems are working properly since proper ventilation helps curb the spread of the virus.

Avoid large gathering and parties

The pre-pandemic scenario was a lot different than what we have now.

Earlier, you could organize large events and conferences in common areas and event halls without getting questioned by the authorities.

But now, you may not be allowed to do that. Even if you are, you will have to limit the gathering size for the safety of every guest.

So, make sure you try to limit such gatherings at your property as much as possible.

Access your finances

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s bank. No matter how financially stable you were before it, the picture may be different now.

Rather than rushing to reopen your hotel, take some time to plan the reopening. This should include assessing your financial situation and understanding how much you should spend on wholesale hotel amenities, supplies, marketing, etc., and how much you should keep aside as emergency funds if the situation doesn’t get better over time.

Investing everything you have to get back on track quickly may not be a good idea as of now.

Final note

While the road to recovery is going to be bumpy, you can have a smoother ride should you consider these tips.

If you want wholesale hotel supplies at the lowest prices for the reopening of your hotel, please get in touch with us today. 

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