Oxford Super Blend Hand & Body Lotion Hotel Motel 1 Fl oz. tubes , case of 288, low as $72.32/case

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Oxford Super Blend Hand & Body Lotion Hotel Motel 1 Fl oz. tubes , case of 288, low as $72.32/case
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Oxford Super Blend, Green Tea & Citrus Extract,  Hand & Body Lotion Tubes 1 Fl. Oz, 288/cs. Beautiful Aquatic Colors, modern and clean look design, Eco packaging.

Rejuvenate the body and mind with this moisturizing Green Tea & Citrus Extract combination. Featuring a contemporary, clean and fresh look that reflects the natural purity of the pristine ingredients sourced, this collection is extremely affordable.

Featuring upscale candy wrap packaging, Eco-friendly benefits and an economically priced product lineup. FACTORY DIRECT QUICK SHIPMENTS:

Oxford Super Blend, high-quality formulas in biodegradable packaging.
  • 100% Vegetables Based Soaps
  • Beautiful Aquatic colors
  • Squeezable tubes for easier and neater product dispensing and application
  • A crisp, invigorating Green Tea & Citrus Extract fragrance with unisex appeal
  • VERY Economically priced for such a high quality product

Collection Contains:

  • Shampoo/Conditioner – 1 fl. oz / 30ml tube, 288 tubes/case
  • Body Lotion – 1fl. oz / 30ml tube, 288 tubes/case
  • Facial Soap – 0.75 oz (Candy wrapped),  1.25 oz Body Bar (Candy wrapped),

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