Non Flattening, Fossfill 2 Hospitality Pillow Soft Fill, 180 TC, JUMBO 26 oz fill. SET OF 2 PILLOWS, low as $38.49 set. Made in USA

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Non Flattening, Fossfill 2 Hospitality Pillow Soft Fill, 180 TC, JUMBO 26 oz fill. SET OF 2 PILLOWS, low as $38.49 set. Made in USA
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Non-Flattening Fossfill  FOSSGUARD™ Hospitality Supreme Pillow, 180 Thread Count, Fossguard Fabric, JUMBO Size 21"x 29" (Pack of 2). Price per pack.

Our best selling pillow!  Fossguard embossed fabric, 180 Thread Count 100% Cotton. Our Most Down-like Soft Fill, Anti-microbial, Anti-fungal treated fabric.

Just think the moment your head hits this pillow you just know you’re in for an unbelievable night’s sleep. It’s made with Fossfill2®, an amazing synthetic material that is guaranteed never to lose its loft or dreamlike softness, even after repeated laundering. Night after night you remain relaxed and comfortable. Treated to protect against dust mites and odor-causing bacteria. Polyolefin/polyester. Machine wash and dry.

Made in USA

  • Fossfill material doesn’t flatten
  • Pillow conforms to the contours of your head and neck
  • Hypoallergenic

This Fossfill pillow will never flatten—it stays lofty night after night.

Care instructions: for best results professional laundering recommended.

Fill weight for standard fills:-Standard - 23 oz..-Jumbo - 26 oz..Queen - 27 oz..-King - 34 oz. Color/Finish: -White color.

Dimensions:- Standard pillow: 21'' W x 27'' D.- Jumbo pillow: 21'' W x 29'' D.- Queen pillow: 21'' W x 31'' D. King Pillow: 21'' W x 37'' D.

Additional Features and information about this remarkable Pillow:

Fossfill® is a revolutionary man-made natural synthetic invented in Denmark by Lars Foss. Technically, it is identified as an "extended polymer." Its physical structure is such that air can flow freely through it. This keeps the filler fluffy and prevents the  flattening that reduces a pillow's useful life.

It's also worth noting that Fossfill® is environmentally friendly, and because its properties will keep each pillow in use several times longer than polyester and other compositions, disposal needs are greatly reduced. 

Fossfill® is 100% polyolefin film which is exploded in a conversion process to simulate the light, fluffy quality of down. It is a very thin, irregularly shredded, fluffy fiberfill. It is washable, refluffable, non-allergenic and fire-resistant with Air-Activated

The pillow ticking is a white, 100% cotton fabric. Because of the nature of the fill, this pillow can be machine washed and dried.

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