NEW RuJan HORIZON Polyester Shower Curtain, (Lines faded horizontally) Color: HONEY MUSTARD 70x72", Style SEWN EYELET/HOOK (COPY)

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NEW RuJan HORIZON Polyester Shower Curtain, (Lines faded horizontally) Color: HONEY MUSTARD 70x72", Style SEWN EYELET/HOOK
Availability: *** THIS IS A SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. USUALLY SHIPPED IN 7-21 DAYS (Can be sooner)!

The new RuJan Peak-A-Boo line of HORIZON Style shower curtain is truly amazing. Size: 70" W x 72" L.  Color:- HONEY MUSTARD, With SEWN EYELET/Standard Hook Style. Price each.

This Horizon Line was introduced as a new shower curtain design. The Idea of of Lines Fading Horizontally up the curtain was created to help the atmosphere of a small bathroom to look bigger and beyond. The design has been successfully established in yardage  and is now available to be manufactured into a shower curtain with options of different headings, sizes and construction. 
  • The Horizon Fabric has been treated with a water repellancy product and made from 100 percent polyester, this fabric shower curtain is tough against mildew and easy on care. This shower curtain features printed stripes that begin from the bottom and gradually thin and lighten in color up to the center to disappear creating a spacious bathroom setting. It is recommended to use a liner for additional curtain life expectancy (Sold separately) Please inquire.

·        Material: Polyester

·        Pattern: Stripe

·        Care instructions: Machine washable

·        Color options: Caviar stripe, honey mustard stripe, Pompeian stripe, tony taupe

·        Color: Black, yellow, red, beige

·        Dimensions: 70 inches wide x 72 inches long

Then the thought of a matching bedding line had spun off from this and we now created:
  • A Fitted Two in One Decorative Top Sheet. This comprises the bed with a Third Sheet, but also with a design that takes place of the scarf.
  • Notice that we took only four lines of our horizon design and can placed it just with a bed scarf on the bed.
  • This Options gives for the Hotel Owner to use as ONE Blanket in 2 ways 
To Summarize we have The RuJan Horizon Lines of Bath and Bedding Ensemble made up of :
  1. The line includes - RuJan Shower Curtain lines ( Both Sewned Eyelets/Hooks and EZY Hang Sytem)
  2. Horizon Decorative Top Sheet
  3. Horizon Body Pillow
  4. Horizon Coverlets
  5. Metro Coverlets (A Quilted Design. A: Plain White METRO, B: All White with one of 6 color trims, C: All White with one of 6 colors stripes)
This EZY Hung shower curtain uses Buckles/grommets rather than hooks, so it never unexpectedly falls off the shower rod. The Installation takes just seconds. Curtains are easy to clean and are secured by sturdy hems.

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