Hotel Guest Amenity, Shaving Kit (clear frosted sachet)- 288/case (low as $ 0.313 each)

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Hotel Guest Amenity, Shaving Kit (clear frosted sachet)- 288/case (low as $ 0.31 each)
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HSD Hotel Guest Amenities, universal accessories - Shaving Kit (Clear frosted sachet). 

(Unit = 1 case = 288/ea. Sold by the case)

This is a very high quality SPA / Boutique product that would leave a lasting impression on your guests.

This is a very modern looking sachet Shaving Kit contains a Schick razor and paraben free shaving cream. The classic design of this shaving kit means that it will blend in with any bathroom decor.

Other items available in our Universal Accessories are:
  • Dental Kit (clear frosted sachet)
  • Shower caps (clear frosted sachet)
  • Grooming/Vanity Kit (clear frosted sachet)
  • Eye Mask (grey cotton in clear frosted sachet)
We have Essential amenities to suit every hotel guest emergency, and can customize to your requirements. All packaged in an eco-friendly fashion. Please contact us for special prices...

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