It is no secret that a lot of passengers tend to judge a hotel by the amenities it offers, which includes the toiletries. Although a seemingly small component within the entire hotel experience, the choice of products you put in your bathrooms can say a lot about your business and can play a pivotal role in your guests’ perception of their stay at your property. In fact, the first thing some hotel guests do when they arrive at their room is to go straight to the bathroom to check out the amenities on offer. Unbranded soaps and flimsy packets of shampoo are often considered a symbol of budgetary constraints and less than impressive customer service. 

In-room products and services provide an insight into the experience a guest can expect not just in their own room but throughout the hotel as a whole. Also, you need to keep in mind that today’s guest isn’t afraid to speak out. If something is not to their liking, it will take them a few seconds to belt out a negative review online. 

If you want to deliver an experience your guests will love, here are a few tips to choose the best amenities for your hotel bathrooms:

1. Make sure the products match your brand

It may come as a surprise but your amenities can go a long way in reinforcing your business’s values and message. For instance, if you pick an amenities’ range from a brand that has similar values as you, it can prove to be an effective marketing and branding opportunity that provides your guests with an authentic representation of what you believe in. From the color to the packaging, it should support your brand.

2. Yes, the size does matter

A majority of hotel shampoos, body washes, and other amenities are available in 1 oz or 1.24 oz bottles or tubes. But in case the duration of your guests’ stay is longer than usual, you might need to rethink your size preferences. To make sure that your guests don’t have to constantly ask housekeeping to replenish the supplies, you might want to go for bigger sizes.

3. Consider the scent 

Scent is a major determining factor in establishing your brand identity. Also, the scents you choose for your soaps and shampoos are a crucial part of the environment you wish to create for your guests. Some of the most popular scents that you can choose from are fresh citrusy scents like lemongrass, clean scents like honey and aloe vera, and so on.

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