Hookless HBH40CHV77 Blue Gray Blue Chevron print Shower Curtain , 100% Polyester with matching rings 71" x 77" Low as $26.00

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Hookless HBH40CHV77 Blue Gray Blue Chevron print Shower Curtain , 100% Polyester with matching rings 71" x 77" Low as $26.00
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THE WALKER HOOKLESS Shower Curtain 71" x 77"
(Unit = 1 case = 12/ea. Sold by the case only) Price Each.

NEW STYLE, The Walker Hookless® Shower Curtain combines a Gey/blue color chevron pattern . 100% polyester fabric, with  Matching Flex On® rings, Size 71" x 77" - Color: Grey/Blue.

Nautical in nature by design, the Hookless Walker shower curtain is the ideal addition to sea side bed and breakfasts, hotels, timeshares, and other overnight oases. Its innovative Hookless top increases efficiency, saving housekeeping labor, time, and cost while maintaining your guest bathrooms. This shower curtain hangs in seconds; just thread your existing shower curtain rod through the patented Flex-On rings at the top, and you're done! The flat Flex-On rings are guaranteed to deliver long-term durability and, like the rest of this Hookless Brooks shower curtain and liner set, are machine washable, even under frequent laundering.

This Hookless Brooks shower curtain is designed to enhance your guests' shower experience with a built-in poly-voile translucent window that allows greater light into the shower enclosure and provides an increased sense of security. An eye-catching blue color block pattern encompasses the remainder of the fabric shower curtain, while a coordinating satin trim above the poly-voile window gives the piece a polished appearance.

For your convenience, this Hookless Brooks shower curtain comes complete with a white It's A Snap! polyester liner with magnets. The durable snap system allows for rapid removal and attachment of the liner for frequent laundering, while corner weighted magnets help hold the shower curtain liner in place and keep water from splashing out. A unique stitch-free ultrasonic hem at the bottom of both the shower curtain and liner allows water to run off easily, which reduces the chance for mold and mildew formation.

Matching flat Flex-On® rings
  • Weighted corner magnets
  • Odor-Free, No toxic smell
The benefits:

·        100% polyester Hookless® shower curtain.

·        Matching flat Flex-On® rings.


Please order in case lots of 12 each.

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