GERMISEPT Poultry Egg Cleansing Wipes (Total: 2400 Wipes = 100 Wipes X 24 packs/Case)

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Institutional pack
Institutional pack
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GERMISEPT Multipurpose Gym & Wellness Center Cleaning Wipes (Total: 3200 Wipes = 800 Wipes/Roll X 4 Rolls/Case)
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GERMISEPT Poultry Egg Cleansing Wipes (Total: 2400 Wipes = 100 Wipes/Roll X 24 Packs/Case)

·        Germisept Poultry Egg Cleansing Wipes 

  • Our soft, smooth Poultry Egg Cleansing Wipes helps remove away any dirt & contaminants from your freshly collected eggs. This is a value purchase 24 packs x 100 wipes = 2400 wipes. This is a safe alternative way to eliminate any residue and dirt left on your egg. This is a safe and easier alternative then soap and sponges. We have no harsh ingredients and can be used at home, barns, ranches, hatchery and poultry farms. Our Poultry Egg Cleansing Wipes are tested safe for egg. USE ONE WIPE PER EGG
  • Better Value – Germisept Egg cleansings wipes provide a better value than Manna Pro Wipe ‘N Wash and we provide a easy dispensing with Eco-friendly Packing
  • Our formula has been tested on eggs , a test call CAM test which is a method of testing ocular ( eye ) sensitivity which uses eggs in substitute for animal testing .
  • Contains a multiple levels of bioburden inhibitors that helps in clean a wider spectrum of germs.
  • Its best to use one wipe per egg to prevent cross contamination

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