FIRM Filled Feather PILLOW 95%,Down 5%,Tc233 Cover-Queen 51oz, per pillow

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FIRM Filled Feather 95%,Down 5%,Tc233 Cotton Cover-Queen 51oz, as low as $ 15.75 each
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Firm Filled Down Feather Pillow - Queen Size: 51oz Fill
(Unit = 1 case = 6/ea. Price per pillow and sold in multiples of 2 each)

FIRM Filled, 95% goose feathers/5% goose down feathers with 233Tc 100% Cotton cover pillow, Queen Size, 51 oz fill. Best Seller!

Our classic white goose down feather pillow set provides year-round comfort with its amazing fluffy support. All pillows are filled with a blend of 95% goose feathers/5% goose down feathers, professionally cleaned and treated via the latest industry standards for hygiene and odor. The filling is encased in a fabric shell made from 233 TC 100% cotton, with a texture soft to the touch. Each set comes with two pillows.

  • Comes in a set of two soft-filled pillows; sizes standard (20" x 26"; soft-filled: 40 oz. fill each; firm-filled: 40 oz. fill each), queen (20" x 30"; soft-filled: 51 oz. fill each; firm-filled: 51 oz. fill each), and king (20" x 36"; soft-filled: 60 oz. fill each; firm-filled: 60 oz. fill each)
  • Fabric shell: 100% cotton; filling: 95% goose feathers/5% goose down feathers, 0.96 kg fill each - Soft Filled.
  • Machine wash in cold; tumble dry in low heat and low spin
  • Feathers professionally cleaned for hygiene and odor using the New American 2000 Standard

Available in sizes:

Standard #0262-1155 (20" x 26"; 40 oz. fill each)

Queen #0262-1156 (20" x 30"; 51 oz. fill each)

King #0262-1157 (20" x 36"; 60 oz. fill each)

Please order in case packs. Case pack 6 pcs. Price each Pillow.

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