Ear Loop Face Masks. Filtration up to 3 microns, Low as $5.64 per box of 50

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Ear Loop Face Masks. Filtration up to 3 microns, Low as $5.64 per box of 50
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Ear Loop Face Masks (Case of 600 masks)

For anyone in the healthcare industry, a face mask is just as important to personal safety as a good pair of disposable gloves.

When you’re interacting with patients in a medical or dental environment, it’s essential to have the confidence that there is no transfer of germs between you and your patients.  Ear Loop Face Masks can help in still that confidence.

 These basic-procedure face masks provide dependable protection while remaining light and comfortable. The material is 3-ply, for better filtration of up to 3 microns. The masks’ elasticity gives them added comfort, and the ear loop design allows you to don and remove the mask easily.

 There are no staples on Ear Loop Face Masks, because the elastic straps are ultrasonically attached—which removes a potential irritant and adds to overall comfort. The masks’ expandable folds accommodate most face shapes and facial hair.

 As the federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises, a secure fit is crucial for these masks’ efficiency. You can adjust the aluminum nose bridge to better fit your face, which will increase safety as well as preventing fogging if you’re wearing glasses or goggles.

 Those with latex allergies can work safely because the mask is latex free.

 AMMEX Ear Loop Face Masks are worn in medical and dental offices, hospitals, industrial settings, dusty environments, and anywhere else where you wish to control airborne germs. They also are commonly worn to protect those with compromised respiratory systems or who simply wish to filter out air pollution, including users of public transportation.


The mask comes in one size and is sold 50 masks per box, 12 boxes per case.

 Limiting the spread of infections is critical in the healthcare industry—and in everyday life. For a front-line solution, look to AMMEX Ear Loop Face Masks.

 PPE No Return Policy – Please note that due to necessary health and safety precautions, all PPE products are 100% final upon sale. These items are non-refundable and non-returnable. Shipping & handling is non refundable. Any shipping delays are fully responsible by shipping courier and will NOT constitute a reason for a refund.

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