Desert Breeze, 1.0 oz/30 ml HOTEL-BODY LOTION EARTH Conscious TUBE, Case of 300

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HOTEL-BODY LOTION EARTH Conscious Desert Breeze, 1.0 oz/30 ml TUBE, (Case of 300), Low as $ 56.95/Cs
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                                                                             Earth Conscious DESERT Breeze Collection - BODY LOTION - 1 oz/30 ml TUBE
(Unit = 1 case = 300/ea. Sold by the case)

Product Description

 The EARTH CONSCIOUS "Desert Breeze" collection is designed with a clean look and has a light botanical fragrance.  Our salon-quality formulations are enriched with olive oil, pure honey and natural aloe vera.  The fresh citrus body bars and cleansing bars are made with organic olive oil and soothing aloe vera.  The Desert Breeze line of amenities brings a tasteful and welcoming atmosphere to each room.

Gluten Free and Never Tested on Animals.

Main Features:

·        Hospitality Size Shampoo

·        Flip Cap

·        AloeVera and Honey

·        Mild Salon Quality Formula

·        Gluten Free

  • ·        Shampoo
  • ·        Conditioner
  • ·        Lotion
  • ·        Body wash
  • ·        Body Bar Soap  #1.50 /28g sachet
  • ·        Cleansing Bar Soap #75/14g sachet

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