Many people don’t prefer to splash out on a 5-star hotel to enjoy a nice getaway. Instead, they choose to stay at bed and breakfasts that offer a comfortable stay with a homely and relaxing vibe – a place where they can feel at-home and also get pampered.  

When it comes to bed and breakfasts, one word that often comes to mind is “charming.” Guests tend to book their stays with this word in mind. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want a luxurious experience. Aside from the traditional B&B amenities like beautiful interiors and freshly-baked cookies, you can also take a few extra steps to make your business a must-stay for guests who crave luxury during their vacations.

Lucky for you, stepping up your luxe game isn’t as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is capitalize on a few aspects that are bound to wow your guests and satisfy their needs at the same time.  

Read on for some tips to turn your B&B into a luxurious retreat. • 

Make sure the design is consistent with your brand

What is your bed and breakfast known for? Is it the beautiful garden or its vintage decorations? Or perhaps it is your delicious home-cooked meals? No matter the USP of your brand, make sure you incorporate it into your design. For instance, add your brand colors into your rooms and provide a menu to every guest who checks in. There should also be a consistent theme throughout the space. • 

Invest in high-quality linen

 There is nothing more satisfying than coming back from a long day of sightseeing and jumping on a soft, cozy bed. If you want your guests to have that experience, invest in high-quality linen. Do not skimp on your bedsheets, pillow covers, duvet covers, and so on. White is the recommended color but you can also incorporate one or two of your brand colors. The right linen will also make your rooms look classier and more sophisticated.  • 

Upgrade your bathroom amenities

Your bathroom amenities also play a pivotal role in how your guests judge their stay at your B&B. Unbranded and cheap shampoo packets and soaps can often make it seem like you don’t care enough about your guests. This is why you should make sure that you upgrade your amenities to include branded shampoos, soaps, lotions, and so on.  You can buy them from wholesale suppliers to save money. • 

Use a signature scent 

In the hospitality industry, a signature scent is a great way to form a relationship with your guests. A beautiful scent doesn’t just leave a good and lasting impression but sometimes, it can also bring them back to a special memory. You can work with a local perfumery or candle maker to craft a unique scent that your guests instantly associate with you. 

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